Financial Literacy - 6

United Kingdom
Investment Principles

Diversification and Allocation - for many investment managers this is the most important of the investment concepts. We will educate you on how a well-rounded portfolio can take some market fluctuations without being negatively affected. The concept of Asset Correlation will be described as a hedge strategy to protect your portfolio. Then we will provide examples of allocation models for a Conservative, Moderate, and Aggressive portfolio based on an individual investor personality/profile for risk. We will show you how to allocate your investments in Large Capitalization Stocks, Small Capitalization Stocks, International Stocks, Fixed Income, and Real Estate. We will also address the fear factor that comes with investing and provide specific information about how and when to enter/exit markets. We outline the cyclical nature of different asset classes and that is important to understand that when markets are moving down this is not a time to panic....simply work to find good opportunities and be ready to strike.

Time Value Of Money

The core idea of the Finance material is to help you understand the importance of the world of finance in daily life. An international theme will help you understand how trade is financed, how infrastructure brings about better living conditions in emerging countries and improves the standard of living for workers. The concept of ""Time Value Of Money"" will be described and how financial institutions calculate risk into the rates they charge borrowers. This is especially important when applying for credit as an individual or a small business owner. Personal Finance is all around us when we use a credit card, finance a car, buy a house, or invest in our retirement. Four Corners Alliance Group will help to ensure that you understand the basic financial concepts that can help you save, invest, and become financially independent.

Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)

In today's volatile markets we have seen stocks, bonds, and real estate fluctuate wildly as economies became unsettled with the housing market. The fact that mortgage lenders were aggressively providing buyers an opportunity for their dream home, and home builders were putting up large beautiful homes at a record pace, could only mean that a housing bubble was on the horizon. Where there is fear there is opportunity. Four Corners Alliance Group has partnered with an International Investment Firm who is offering us the ability to invest with them in under-valued properties that will provide huge gains and a strong steady revenue stream. Investing in real estate is a long term commitment but has a short and long term benefits...quarterly income and capital gains. This alliance will allow you to invest in Corporate Office Buildings, Medical Office Buildings, Retirement Facilities and other long term real estate. Our partner has experience in finding under-valued properties that can be purchased at a discount to the market price and provide an income stream that is significantly better than traditional fixed income instruments. We show you how to have the opportunity to invest as the wealthy have for centuries: take advantage when markets are down. Real Estate is an ""out of favor"" asset class that will ultimately become a ""darling"" again.